Policies and Rules

The Sandlapper Gun Club is a members’ club and is not open to the public. Sandlapper Gun Club is dedicated to safety. Obeying safety rules ensures an efficient and orderly club operation.

All members and guests must be in compliance with all federal, South Carolina State, and local laws, at all times, while on the range premises. Any violation of these procedures, policies, restrictions, and regulations should be reported to a club officer. Violations will be investigated and may result in disciplinary action.


  • Park all vehicles in parking lot in designated areas.
  • No vehicles are allowed forward of any firing line.
  • No loaded firearms in the parking areas unless holstered.

General Information

  • Every Member has a DUTY to report rules violations and unsafe acts.
  • After entering the gated entrance, be sure to secure the gate behind you. Never leave the gate open.
  • Members must provide their own staplers and tape.
  • No “donated” or “free” items are to be left on club property.

Safety Rules

  • Before anyone moves forward of the firing line, all firearms on the firing line must be holstered or laid on the table, muzzle pointed down range, slides open, magazines out, cylinders open and empty. 
  • Anyone seeing an unsafe condition must declare a cease-fire.
  • Every shooter has the personal responsibility to make sure that each bullet fired impacts safely in the dirt berm.
  • Loading and unloading of guns must be done only on the firing line.
  • ALWAYS wear safety glasses and ear protection while on a “hot” range (meaning when guns are loaded and people are shooting).
  • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction – downrange toward the targets.
  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
  • ALWAYS keep the action open with the gun unloaded, benched, and muzzle pointed in a safe direction or keep the handgun holstered when someone is downrange.
  • DO NOT handle any firearm when someone is downrange.
  • ALWAYS treat guns as if they are loaded.
  • ALWAYS fire downrange into the dirt berm. The signs, and target frames/stands are NOT impact areas.
  • No firing is allowed over or to the sides of the DIRT BERM. Firing is NOT permitted in any other direction other than into the DIRT BERM.

Range Hours

  • The Panteao Range Facility is open to club members from Monday to Saturday from 9:00AM to Sunset. On Sunday the range is open from 1:00PM to Sunset. The Rifle Bay is open on Sundays only for suppressed rifle calibers. You cannot use a rifle caliber on the rifle bay on Sundays if it does not have a suppressor. The 360-Bay is open on Sundays for handgun calibers and suppressed rifle calibers. You cannot use rifle calibers in the 360-bay on Sundays if it does not have a suppressor.
  • The Facility may periodically be closed to the Sandlapper Gun Club members either during the week or on weekends due to the Panteao filming schedule or other Panteao events. In some instances, just a specific bay is closed instead of the entire range. To keep up to date on the range schedule, visit the calendar page on this website or sign up for our newsletter.

Procedures For Using The Range

  • Enter using the combination to pass through the gate. Close the gate behind you.
  • Spin the combination of the lock. DO NOT leave it set to the facilities combination.
  • Before setting up your equipment, check to ensure no one is down range.
  • Before going down range to place your target, check to ensure that no one is shooting and the line is safe.
  • Follow all safety procedures while using the range.
  • Clean the area used and pick up your spent brass when you are finished shooting.
  • Place ammunition misfires (duds) in the containers located on each range. Do not throw ammunition in the grass, under the bench, in garbage cans, or in the brass barrel.
  • Exit through the gate, closing and locking it behind you. Remember to “spin” the combination lock, so that the combination is not visible.


  • Members are allowed no more than one shooting guest at any one time.
  • Guests are to use the same shooting table as the member.
  • Members must accompany their guest at all times.
  • Members are responsible for their guest’s conduct and safe gun handling.
  • All South Carolina State laws pertaining to the use of firearms must be adhered to at all times.
  • Non-members are not covered by Sandlapper Gun Club insurance.

Restrictions, Range Use Rules and Regulations

The following Restrictions apply to members and their guests when using any of the ranges.


  • NO alcoholic beverages allowed on any bay.
  • NO smoking allowed on any bay.
  • NO rifle calibers or shotguns allowed on the handgun bays.
  • NO armor piercing or tracer ammunition.
  • NO bottles, cans, glass or other items are to be used as targets. 
  • NO exploding targets.

Rifle Bay

  • No shooting forward of the static firing line on the rifle bay.
  • No targets are to be set up closer than 100 yards.
  • Bullets are to strike the dirt berm.
  • Please collect all spent casings and targets when finished shooting.
  • Do not move steel targets from where they are positioned in the bay.
  • After shooting steel targets, please paint them with either white or black paint.

Handgun Bays

  • Do not shoot steel targets closer than 25 yards.
  • Do not drive vehicles into the bays.
  • Only HANDGUN CALIBERS are allowed on the handgun bays. No Short Barrel Rifles (SBRs), Shotguns, or Pistols firing rifle calibers are allowed.
  • Do not move the steel targets within the handgun bays.
  • Please collect all spent casings and targets when finished shooting.
  • Targets shall be set to a height and shot from an angle that allows impact of the bullet to strike ONLY the target and dirt berm and no other object/surface prior to impact with the dirt berm.

360-Degree Bay

  • Do not walk on top of the berms.
  • Do not drive vehicles into the bay.
  • Use caution when entering the bay. If the bay is in use, do not enter. Wait for a cease fire to be called.
  • Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns may be used in the 360-Bay.
  • Please collect all spent casings and targets when finished shooting.
  • When shooting clay targets with a shotgun, do not fire shotguns in the direction of the rifle bay or handgun bays.
  • Do not shoot towards the entrance of the bay.
  • Targets shall be set to a height and shot from an angle that allows impact of the bullet to strike ONLY the target and dirt berm and no other object/surface prior to impact with the dirt berm.
  • If there are steel targets within the bay, do not fire rifle calibers or shotguns at the steel targets. Handgun calibers only for steel targets.


For the sake of the safety of all those using the range facility and the safety of neighbors in the area, there is a zero tolerance for rule violations. Any member caught breaking the rules may be asked to leave the facility and their membership revoked.