About Sandlapper Gun Club

The Sandlapper Gun Club was the answer to the growing demand for a place where folks could shoot at distances beyond 100 yards. Founded by Mr. Bobby Ayer, the Sandlapper Gun Club is a private member only organization, located at the Panteao Studios Range Facility. Members of the Sandlapper Gun Club have access to the Panteao Range Facility including the rifle bay, five handgun bays, and a 360-degree tactical bay for rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

The rifle bay features targets at 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards. There are 8 bench rest shooting positions under shelter. You can also shoot prone under shelter. There are five 25-yard handgun bays and the 360-degree tactical bay where rifles can be sighted in at 50 yards.

There is a restroom next to the Panteao Pro-Shop that the club members have access to.

The range is centrally located in Swansea, SC just 20 minutes from Columbia, 90 minutes from downtown Charleston, 1hr 50 minutes from Charlotte, NC and 2 hrs from Greenville, SC.


The range is open from 9:00AM to sunset Monday-Saturday, 1:00PM to sunset on Sunday for the handgun bays and 360-Bay. The Rifle Bay is open on Sundays from 1:00PM to sunset only for suppressed rifle calibers.

The Panteao Range Facility may periodically be closed to the Sandlapper Gun Club members either during the week or on weekends due to the Panteao filming schedule or other Panteao events. In some instances, just a specific bay is closed instead of the entire range. To keep up to date on the range schedule, visit the calendar page on this website or sign up for our newsletter.

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