Range Use

October 31, 2016

We have come across instances of club members not utilizing the range facility in accordance with range rules. While some individual members have already been spoken to about this, we felt the need to bring this to everyone’s attention in the hopes of stopping future issues.

To reiterate the rules of the range, the ONLY bays you can use a centerfire rifle are the rifle bay and 360 bay. You cannot use centerfire rifles on the five handgun bays. If you wish to shoot a rifle at distances of less than 100 yards, please utilize the 360 bay.

Members continue to shoot the steel targets on the handgun bays with rifle calibers. There are two issues here. The first is you are using a rifle caliber on a handgun range. That is against the range rules. The second is you are shooting steel at an unsafe distance, causing damage to the steel and potentially risking harm to yourself. There are many steel targets now that are pitted from members shooting rifle calibers at the steel. Steel targets are not cheap. While they are available for members to use, continued misuse will be followed with the steel being removed from all the bays.

The rules on the range are not optional. If a member is caught firing rifles on a handgun bay, shooting steel targets on the 360 bay with a rifle (or rifle caliber pistol) you will be asked to leave the range and will forfeit your access to the facility. There are no acceptations to this policy. Common sense must prevail. When in doubt, read the signs on the range that have the range rules.

Thank you.