Range Updates

September 19, 2015

Starting January 1, 2016 the yearly dues for the club will be $300. We are limiting the amount of members that can join in an effort to keep membership exclusive and help prevent the kind of congestion you may encounter at other ranges. With the improvements that have been made and continue to be made to the facility, we hope you agree that the increase in dues is minimal when compared to the improvements that have been made and additional features that have been added.

Please remember that when using the rifle range, do not set up or shoot targets closer than 100 yards. If you wish to dial a rifle in for a 50-yard zero, please use the 360-degree bay.

When using the rifle range, please be mindful of other shooters. If you wish to shoot from a prone position, do not move forward of the other firing line positions to do so. It’s not a safe thing to do.

Please do not bring items like bowling balls or other targets to use at the range. There is enough steel targets and paper backers to utilize. Anything else other than paper targets should not be brought to the range and shot.

Very soon the pro-shop will be open. At the pro-shop you will be able to purchase paper targets, ammunition, IDPA cardboard targets, Panteao instructional DVDs, and even buy a can of Kill Cliff energy drink.